I’m Ben Baran. I believe our world gets better through better organizations and better leaders, allowing us to flourish as we pursue a meaningful existence.

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My research focuses on how people contribute to organizational effectiveness, focusing on the human-resources related foundations of competitive advantage, leadership, and high-reliability organizing.  In particular, I’m interested in how managers, teams, and organizations succeed in adverse and ambiguous business environments. These contexts include dangerous work and those requiring strategic decision-making with limited information.

My years of research and real-world experience have equipped me to help people and organizations in three main ways.



When you need someone to “get in the trenches” to turn a team or organization around— I can do that along with a few other smart hard-working individuals.



When you need someone to be an engaging motivating keynote speaker on the subject of management, leadership, agility, organizational change, or organizational psychology— I can do that.


Thought Leadership

When you’re looking for the latest evidence-based solutions which I have direct real-world experience with and can help apply to your unique position or organization— I can do that.



People are busy, so I decided to create some short videos that address the world of work. I am doing these with my business partner, Chris Everett, of Indigo Anchor.