On Learning Strategic Thinking

On Learning Strategic Thinking

Some people, it seems, just “get it” better and faster than other people. They understand how what other people do influences their options, they consider what incentives are at work in complex situations, and they think through the possible consequences—intended or unintended—of numerous scenarios. 

They think critically. They challenge assumptions, including their own. They do all of these types of thinking, which roughly fall under the umbrella of “strategic thinking.” 

These strategic thinkers, we hope, are among those leading our organizations. 

We hope that leaders think strategically because our world is continually changing. Many argue that the pace of change continues to accelerate, and increasingly rapid technological innovation combined with globalization suggest that this is the case. 

We need leaders who think strategically because the success of their organizations in the long term depends upon it. 

Therefore, many are investing in developing the capacity for strategic thinking within their organizations. They wonder, with good reason,

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