Think You’re Fair? Your Employees Don’t Care

Think You’re Fair? Your Employees Don’t Care

Imagine the following scenario: You and your executive team work hard to craft a bonus plan for your employees. You truly want them to share in the rewards of the organization when you’ve had a good year. The bonus plan you roll out to employees involves a formula that you’re convinced fairly distributes bonuses to everyone. 

Immediately, the plan hits a wall of confusion and cries of unfairness from many of your employees. 

What happened? 

Here’s another scenario: After careful deliberation, you decide that your performance appraisal system needs to be revamped. You recraft the dimensions against which managers assess their people, and you create a new form to document these reviews on an annual basis. Naturally, you’re excited about how this will help clarify performance expectations and promote accountability. 

This plan also receives immediate resistance. People just aren’t buying into the whole idea of the program. 

Again, what happened? 

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