Leadership Lessons from the U.S. Navy--FREE ebook!

Examine virtually any big problem in a team, an organization, or even society at large, and somewhere you’ll find a leadership vacuum—a space where people simply aren’t closing the gap between the status quo and a better alternative. 

And if being a commissioned officer in the greatest navy to ever exist on planet Earth has taught me anything, it’s that maintaining and improving any organization—regardless of its strong core values or technological superiority—requires people to step up and lead, every single day. 

I've also been studying people and organizations as a civilian researcher and consultant since 2006, and I’ve spent considerable time working with executives on a wide range of issues: increasing agility and coping with change, improving the customer experience, process enhancement, strategy development and execution, hiring, organizational assessment, product innovation, leadership development, and more. 

I recently revisited the U.S. Navy's 11 Leadership Principles to unpack them a little bit more from a civilian, business perspective. 

I then put them together in a FREE ebook, which I'd love for you to have. It's full of ...

  • Leadership guidance, based upon the U.S. Navy's Leadership Principles, which have been used to create and sustain the greatest navy known to humankind;
  • Real-world examples, based upon my nearly 20 years of experience with the U.S. Navy and a decade of academic research combined with business consulting;
  • Actionable tips, meant to help you implement the leadership principles in your daily life and work; and
  • Much more!

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When left to the vagaries of chance, teams and organizations flounder. Let’s put an end to that—and let’s make a difference in our world by leaning into the challenges that we face. Being a leader doesn’t require genius, but it does require courage and humility. And most of all, it requires a desire to improve some aspect of our existence, making some part of our world a little better than it was before. 

I hope you find this FREE ebook both thought-provoking and useful. 

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